Veggie Medicine

We can’t even use leeches.

No one gets into this veggie thing to make life easier for themselves. Everywhere we look there are vicious bastards making things harder for us. Food has animals in it. Drink has animals in it. Crockery and clothes and toiletries have animals in them. And when we’re ill we’re up against another stupid thing: Even medicine has animals in it. Here comes another pain in your ass. Maybe literally, depending on what your medicine’s for.

What’s the what?
Some medicines have gelatine in them, which isn’t veggie or vegan. Some have cholecalciferol (vitamin D) or lanolin from sheep, others have lactose monohydrate from cows. All three may or may not be vegetarian. They’re definitely not vegan. Some have magnesium stearate, stearic acid and lactic acid which can be derived from vegan-friendly plants, or animal-unfriendly dead animals. Some have glycocholic acid, which is basically bile from an animal’s stomach, proving, once again, people are fucking disgusting. And there could be a bunch of other stuff for all I know. They’re chugging stomach bile. God knows what they’ll go after next.

Even if ingredients are as vegan as lettuce they might be packed into dirty-bad gelatine capsules and blow the whole thing. And even if ingredients are vegan and they’re packed into harmless vegan caplets, medicine has to be tested on animals before humans can get a shot at it.

And we’re not down on medicine here. This isn’t ableism shaming people who need to take stuff. I am very definitely not suggesting people stop taking medicine, and very definitely not stopping taking mine. People need medicine to live. At the very least we need medicine to live less miserably, and even the Vegan Society says we need to look after our health in a non-vegan world. Still, this gives us the kind of dilemma those know-nothing naysayers think they’re onto with their “Yeah but what if you were on a desert island” shit.

Hands: Wringing
So what’s a veggie to do? First, we can check medication ingredients at or your local equivalent. There we’ll be able to find the ingredients that manufacturers don’t always list in their sleeve notes, and hopefully find brands that make the same thing without dead animal parts. Researching this article, for example, I was delighted to discover the only painkillers that have ever helped with my hilarious spinal injury might contain fucking milk, marking the 58th time I’ve ruined my life for you people.

Second, we can be hypocrites trying our best and failing in a world that isn’t ready for us. If my aunt Mabel has a headache, she can take paracetamol and avoid gelatine capsules. She’s happy, the cows are happy, the high ground’s of the moral type. If my aunt Mabel has diabetes and her pancreas is on the fritz she can do anything she likes. If the only thing keeping her alive is a dose of Creon, which uses pancreatic enzymes from poor little pigs, it turns out I like aunt Mabel more than I like pigs.

It doesn’t feel great to say it but we should be honest here. I’m not falling back on “survival of the fittest” or “top of the food chain” weak-ass carnivore arguments. I’m saying there are times we have to be hypocrites or die. I don’t want to die. And I don’t want aunt Mabel to die.

Unless I get a mention in her will, in which case I’m a hundred percent supporting the pigs.



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