It’s been a quiet week here in Zero Towers. Not much to report, just the usual bits and pieces. Just the small matter of… electing a government!

Yes yes. Today I used democracy, taking my poll card to the community centre acting as a polling station to vote for a politician representing the party whose policies I like enough to vote for in an election. I socked it to the government/kept the opposition out/went for a wacky protest vote, guiding the future of the country and possibly the world for the next four years and registering a change that will echo long into the foreverness of history. And to think last week I was bragging about growing some fricking spuds.

Voting’s ace. As a member of the middle class I’ve only been able to vote since 1832, as a member of the working class I’ve only been able to vote since 1884, as a woman over 30 only since 1918 and as a woman aged between 18-29 only since 1928. Given humans have been knocking about for thousands of years there’s obviously still some novelty value in it for me. It’s brilliant!

In the end I watched two of the three leader debates, read a load of hyperbolised junk, checked my constituency results from 2005 and made the choice between a tactical vote or going for the party I actually wanted. In the end both choices led to the same party which made it an unusually angst-free experience.

All that’s left to do now is stay up for the results and wait for the thankyous to pour in from the millions of grateful people who will appreciate the era-defining action I took today. I’ll also keep an eye out for the turnout figures. Following my earlier call to action I assume it’s hovering somewhere around the 100% mark.

Photo credit: Horst Ziegenfusz at Wikimedia Commons