It’s been suggested that last week’s effort was distinctly poor given it amounted to little more than turning off a light bulb. I feel that’s uncalled for. I feel proud of my actions and secure in my defence that actually a number of bulbs were off for a whole hour while at the same time being not on for 60 consecutive minutes. Besides, I said something about humanity being around me.

But if you thought last week’s was lousy wait til you get a load of this: for the past couple of weeks I’ve been volunteering for a charity I can’t talk about, doing something I can’t mention to help people whose identity will have to remain classified or I risk blowing my cover. Try blogging about that, bitches!

Let’s see what I can get through my self-censor. I’ve been rewriting and redesigning a website for a small charity based in a town in the UK that supports people of a certain age in a developing country somewhere in one of the hemispheres. Perhaps I’m being too vague. The country in question has a flag and a lake and a capital city and if you look up into the sky at night you can see the moon. Damn it, now I’ve said too much.

Hopefully my efforts will encourage more online donations, work as an electronic leaflet for grant and trust people and encourage supporters to take on fundraising events. Doing a fairly unimportant and workmanlike thing like the website allows the trustees to focus on the more important things like the welfare of the people in their care, if indeed they have people in their care whose welfare has to be trusteeded. Maybe they don’t. Too much again. Look over there!

This is why I like volunteering; the practical, unglamorous do-goodery of it all. It’s why I used to volunteer for one of the world’s largest organisations of some sort or other helping issue and repair equipment, and before that as a fundraiser for a small charity that supported people of a certain age with a medical condition of a specific type. Volunteering is all types of good. You can do some here, here or even here, giving your time and talents to a charity so they can save the world and you can feel all kinds of noble. If you’re only in it for the undercover blogging don’t bother; you can’t get shit out of it.

Photo credit: The Zero