The trick with this Zeroism lark is to attack the world’s environmental and social stupidities on a number of fronts at the same time. This week I’ve been simultaneously addressing the G8 on their unfair trade practices, happy slapping Robert Mugabe for his anti-homosexual outrages and fannying about in the office to improve our efforts in recycling.

The response to the recycle bins has been quite positive, minus the odd bit of grumbling about people not having bins at their desks any more. The water cooler has been replaced by a mains supply so we’ve saved a load of plastic bottles but some people are still binning things they could recycle and the battle of the plastic cups is far from over. With the help of a right-on colleague I’d removed the plastic cups from the mains water cooler and hidden them in a cupboard but, alas, the first time we had a visitor to the building they were brought back out.

Something has to be done! And who better to do it than former future President and Inconvenient Truther Al Gore?

Bish: I slapped Happy Al sign on the water cooler to remind people of the folly of single use plastic cups.

Bash: I put Angry Al on the bin lid to stop people throwing in their paper, bottles and cans. The recycle bin’s right next to it!

Bosh: I put Learning Difficulties Al on the printer to shame people who still refuse to print double sided.

With the power of Gore and the entire Zero movement combined there’s no telling what we can do. Although the safe bet would be him inspiring millions around the world and me just talking to my brother about the piddly bollocks I get up to.

Photo credit: Oh God knows, they’re from all over