You’ll recall that Zero Towers doesn’t have a garden at present. It’s not that it’s too small, more that the grounds are being landscaped before being opened to the public and we’ve had to give more acres than expected to the hedge maze and fountains. As a result of that believable scenario we had to get a wormery instead of a composter and it’s making it difficult to grow vegetables.

We had an idea to get an allotment but so did millions of other right ons so our names are now nine months into a ten-year waiting list. We look at our fork and our tin kettle and dream of our shed to be, but we’re not morose or easily defeated: We got potato sacks!

Bish: We plonked the empty sacks in the shared yard out back and half-filled them with compost.

Bash: We stuck seed potatoes in them.

Bosh: We covered them with a bit of compost and water while a bee flew round a flower and Penelope Keith looked on in horror.

It’s estimated that industrial potato production is responsible for 108% of the world’s carbon emissions. Our potatoes will bring that down to just 6%. All we have to do now is wait…

Photo credit: The Zero