Al Gore is a loving but vengeful overlord. He has given unto us his message of love and doom and left us with the task of saving the world. He tries to remember our weaknesses and have patience but he is a wrathful and angry Gore and is not above giving us a bit of a kicking.

The response to the Al Gore Says stickers was generally quite positive but there is still the odd bit of resistance, still the odd person printing single sided or binning milk bottles. They shall meet His wrath. But Gore has not pre-destined us to meet His anger but to obtain salvation through slapping a few more stickers around the place. As his messenger on earth I got busy.

Bish: I put Amorous Al on a pile of scribble pads made from unwanted single-sided print outs.

Bash: I put Frustrated Al on a milk bottle and stuck the bottle to the bin so no one could ignore His message.

Bosh: I put Nuclear Al on another bin lid to strike fear into the hearts of heathens and make binners repent.

People, if this second round doesn’t do it we’re looking at famine, flood and disaster so massive it’ll make that shit in Sodom and Gomorrah look like a work of fiction cooked up by a team of homophobic nutcases.

Photo credit: Oh God knows, they’re from all over