This thing is brought to you today by the letter F and several thousand semi-colons.

There are so many reasons to hate Donald Trump they can be overwhelming, hard to narrow down to a more manageable level of hating the prick. There’s the misogyny, the sexual harassment, the sexual assault, the covert racism, the overt racism, the overt white supremacism, the Islamophobia, the transphobia, the bullying, the cruelty, the lies, the hypocrisy, the crushing vanity, the pathetic fragile ego, the ugliness of his heart, the actual ugliness of his fat fucking face, the stupid hair piled on top of the very obvious balding above the actual ugliness of his fat fucking face, the stupid round hole he makes with his mouth when he talks… All of it. And the relentlessness of all of it. It’s exhausting.

Let’s get specific. Let’s talk examples, from the 85,000 examples we could talk about. Let’s talk about his misogyny: him saying “There is nothing in the world like first-rate pussy”; saying his wife’s “a young and beautiful piece of ass”; saying “putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing”; rating and sexualising his daughter’s body; complaining about ex-partners with “pancake tits”; saying Gloria Allred would be “very impressed” by the size of his junk; saying if Hillary Clinton couldn’t “satisfy her husband” she couldn’t satisfy America; saying Megyn Kelly had “blood coming out of her wherever”; saying French first lady Brigitte Trogneux was “in such good shape” during a state visit. He’s been clear. Women are just sexual objects to him. He’s a misogynist.

Let’s talk about his sexual harassment and assault: his bragging about swaggering through the Miss USA changing rooms, saying he can “sort of get away with things like that”; the testimonies of former contestants of Miss Teen USA whose experiences exactly match his bragging; the testimonies of 16 women accusing him of sexual misconduct; his hot-miked bragging about grabbing women “by the pussy”. He’s been clear. By his own admissions he sexually harasses and sexually assaults women.

Let’s talk about his covert and overt racism, full-on white supremacy and Islamophobia: his insistence the Central Park Five are guilty of the crime for which they were wrongfully convicted and cleared by DNA evidence; his outrage at African-American footballers protesting systemic police racism; his slurring of Mexicans as rapists and criminals, and his stupid wall to keep them out; his dehumanising of immigrants as “animals” out to “infest” the country; his event showcasing victims of immigrant criminals, ignoring that born-Americans offend at higher rates; his dismissal of African and South American “shithole countries”; his administration’s decision to literally put immigrant children in actual cages; his description of white supremacists as “very fine people”; his ties to racist Breitbart and racist Steve Bannon; his highlighting acts of Islamist terrorism while ignoring white-American terrorism; his many attempts to ban hundreds of millions of Muslims from entering the country. He’s been clear. This is not racial insensitivity, or an antidote to political correctness, or Ambien, or any of the other anything-but-racism get-outs we give to people weaselling out of their very obvious racism. He’s racist.

Let’s talk about his transphobia: his ban on transgender people serving in the military just cos; his administration rolling back civil rights legislation that protects trans people from discrimination in the workplace. Let’s talk about his bullying and cruelty, his constant trash-talking of anyone who isn’t him and that one daughter he wants to bone: his using the power of the presidency to target individual citizens (kneeling “sons of bitches”) and companies (Nordstrom,Harley Davidson); his impression of a disabled reporter; his going after Rosie O’Fucking Donnell in an actual real-life presidential debate; his actually-went-there accusation that one of his opponents’ dads helped kill Kennedy. He is not Being even slightly Best. He’s a bullying asshole. He is Nelson Muntz. He is Henry Bowers. He is Mr Potter.

Let’s talk about his lies, a sub-outrage so vast we can’t possibly begin to talk about it: the Washington Post has his total at 3,251 lies in 497 days, on topics as meaningless as the size of his inauguration crowd and as important as his reasons for firing James Comey. He’s not spinning, he’s not rounding-up, he’s not politicking. He’s a liar. And let’s talk about his hypocrisy, his maddening how-does-he-get-away-with-it hypocrisy: His complaints about corporate tax evasion in spite of his very obvious tax evasion; his complaints about Obama playing golf before spending most of his own term on his own courses; his buy-American bullshit while getting his own tat made in China; his bullying other people for their appearance while being an ugly, fat, flabby, balding orange mess himself; his administration’s shameless, audacious outrage at the lack of civility on the left… He’s a hypocrite, who believes in nothing but himself and cares nothing for anyone but himself. And that one daughter he wants to bone.

And the worst of all of it is that nothing here is new and most of it was known before the election and millions of people voted for him anyway and millions will vote for him again, and every new outrage feels redundant and is only replaced by other outrages that will be equally redundant.

And all of it is just background. All of these horrors, all of these outrages are just an intro to the real horror: the rise of authoritarianism in America, and the few easy steps it’s got from there to full-on fascism. This isn’t Godwin calling everyone Hitler. Look at where we are already: He’s suckering people with nationalism in his pungent America-first bullshit; he’s showing his disdain for human rights in putting children in cages; he’s naming enemies for his people to scapegoat, Othering minorities to make them less human; he’s showing his sexism and misogyny and disdain for women; he’s going after the free press and mass media, telling his true-believers that anything critical is fake news and its reporters are “enemies of the people”; he’s faking religious conviction, and tying it to the business of government; he’s stopping and rolling back safeguards against corporate power abuse; he’s showing disdain for intellectuals, experts and the liberal arts; he’s obsessed with crime and cruel on punishment; he’s corrupt, and filling his administration with cronies; he’s going after the election process, disputing election results, lying about widespread electoral fraud in the absence of any substantial evidence and maybe colluding with foreign powers to swing the result; he’s going after law enforcement, accusing the FBI of politicised witch hunts; he’s shaping a cult of personality, holding rallies in his own honour because they give him a semi; he’s going after truth itself, spreading conspiracy theories so nothing makes sense any more; and he’s praising actual fucking dictators, gob-jobbing Putin and Kim Jong-Un over their strong leadership and making enemies of democratic leaders everywhere. He is a fascist.

We no longer have to ask what we would have done against the rise of European fascism. We are about to find out. People, I’m going to boo the fucker. The first time he visits the UK he’ll be met with the humiliation of internationally-broadcast national protests, hundreds of thousands of people in a country he’s nothing to do with letting him and the rest of the world know how much he’s hated. And his fragile little ego can take a beating off the baby blimp, a protest of full-on genius in its pettiness. And we’re already having an effect: he bottled his first visit, and his second is avoiding most of London because he’s a beta-cuck-snowflake.

This is what we have to do. And way more than this; we’ll get to that on some other rant. We have to make the world as hostile to him and his kind as they intend to make it for the others they’ve Othered. When they go low, we go high. When they go full-on fascist, we panic like fuckery, get our shit together and then eventually do whatever it takes.

Photo credit: @BornMiserable