As the note on your wall written in poo no doubt reminded you, it’s time to announce February’s Charity of the Month. I like to tie the charity either to whatever I’ve been up to or to something going on in the world which this month leaves me with the difficult choice between a charity supporting the pro-democracy protests in Tunisia and Egypt or one supporting my recent choice of toothbrush. Not easy.

Not so long ago I travelled to the North African land of Tunisia. While I was mostly there to cheer up about that job I hated and get some sun because I live in a place where autumn and spring are basically just winter spelt differently, I also happened to mention the basics of democracy to some guy in an alley. Fast forward to last month and we have the downfall of a President. And while I’ve not been to Egypt either recently or ever, I have seen The Mummy and, to a lesser extent, the remake of The Mummy. Last week protests against the government began there and as we speak the President is announcing the end of his reign. I think it’s obvious the influence I’ve had in both campaigns.

We like a bit of the old human rights here at Zero Towers. We like a bit of the old democracy. Except for the washing up rota, which I rule with an iron fist. Say what you like about it, I ain’t scrubbing stuck on pig fat when I only eat wipe-clean vegetables. All of which brings us to the announcement that for the second time Amnesty International gets to be the Chazza of the Month, an honour that includes not just a tiny donation from me but also the theft of their logo for my homepage. It’s a privilege that is both highly sought after and highly actionable under basic copyright law.

You can add your donation to mine here.

Photo credit: Amnesty International