As so, as the final minutes of the month draw to a close, we have the timely announcement of the Charity of the Month, not so much overlooked as barely acknowledged enough to even notice I was remembering to ignore it.

This month I took a rather indirect route, donating to an old pal who was running a 10K to raise funds for Children 1st, the renamed RSSPCC which is a bit like a Scottish NSPCC which is itself not unlike an English Children 1st. It does all kinds of stuff of interest to yer social work student, running a stack of services all over the country to support children experiencing abuse. My donation could go towards their befriending services, help children struggling with addiction issues, keep the Parentline advice service running or help pay for advocates to speak on children’s behalf.

This pal’s 10K was a particularly noble effort given the tiny stumps she passes off as legs. Her stride is about as long as the circumference of an orange and I imagine her legs were a blur as they whirred away to keep up with the other runners, like those of a sausage dog trying to keep up with a galloping Alsatian. In terms of distance-to-leg-length ratio she ran the equivalent of about 16K and so my donation was doubly deserved, for both the good cause and her bit of full-on do-goodering.

More importantly, it’ll bring a bit of sponsorship for my own 10K in September, karma proving to be highly susceptible to that kind of exploitation. More on that later…

(Those dots aren’t a typo by the way; they’re intended to build hype.)

Photo credit: Children 1st